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Water Line Plumbing in Orange County

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Your water line plays a vital role in your home's plumbing system, providing water to a variety of fixtures and appliances. If there is an issue with your water line, it can have drastic effects on your laundry, bathing, and overall health. At Splash Plumbing, we use modern technologies to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your water line. By inserting a camera into your water line, we can find any cracks or blockages that are contributing to the problems that you are experiencing.

Some common signs that you need your water line repaired or replaced include:

  • Despite dry weather, areas of your lawn remain damp and soggy, possibly indicating that a pipe is cracked or broken
  • Water pressure has dropped drastically, possibly due to a loss of water
  • A discoloration in your water, especially in seldom-used faucets, which may be caused by rusting in your pipes
  • Your water bill has gone up significantly despite the fact that your water use has remained the same
  • You notice corrosion on exposed pipes

If you see any of the above, turn to the skilled Orange County plumbers at Splash Plumbing. Schedule a service with our team by contacting us online.

Water Line Damage Can Happen for a Variety of Reasons

A damaged water line can be damaging to the health of both your home and your family. Water lines can become damaged for a variety of reasons. Since they are placed underground, they are susceptible to constant strain from the earth's shifting. This rings especially true for Southern California residents who have become accustomed to periodic earthquakes. In addition, tree roots, corrosion, and rocks can also damage water lines.

When you hire Splash Plumbing, you can expect the following:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Affordable and professional service
  • Reliable appointments that are on time
  • Friendly and honest customer service
  • Licensed and certified technicians

For a thorough inspection of your water line, contact us at (714) 660-1880 today.


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