Our history as an orange county plumbing service.

Our History

Splash Plumbing was formally incorporated in California 1998 . At the infancy stage of our company, the original focus was testing the many backflow preventors in our area. However, as our reputation within our industry progressed and at the repeated requests of our clients, we began tackling the “service and repair” market. Our meticulous efforts to ensure the right people are working for our client’s keeps us at the forefront of our competition. We pride ourselves on the ability to quickly dispatch calls as they come in and maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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Splash Plumbing Staff

Beliefs and Slogans

“Large enough to serve, small enough to care℠” As Orange County continues to expand, so many individual have lost site of the integrity it takes to maintain a profitable company. Splash Plumbing, Inc. offers our clients what so many others have forgotten about when chasing “the bottom line”. Just as our slogan says, we provide a large enough company to serve our clients without forgetting the fact that we need to care for their needs as well as ours.

“Failure is not an option” From our daily training to our monthly billing, this quote is preached within this company. Splash Plumbing operates by a higher standard than most of our competitors and with a motto like this; we tend to get our point across to both client and employee.

“Be the hero and make a friend” As society becomes increasingly busier, many of our clients don’t have time or the skills to make the necessary repairs in their homes or offices. This quote is tailored around the desire to truly want what is best for our customer. In our daily training, it is repeatedly taught that many clients are expecting, through the media or past experiences, that they are going to “get ripped off”. We teach each and every Technician to be honest and also ensure that they “make the problem go away”. Doing so we earn the respect of “being the hero for the day” and in addition, we just made a new friend!

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