Below are some basic questions you as the consumer should ask every plumber before you allow them to schedule work at your home or office. The questions are standard, and the answers are what you will hear from our friendly office staff.

Splash Plumbing does not charge by the hour, we charge by the job, and YOU will know how much we are charging for each job BEFORE we start any work. The benefit is catered to the consumer. If the job takes longer than expected, you don’t pay a dime more.

The management at Splash Plumbing has spent countless man-hours creating a flat-rate price book that makes sense for both you the consumer and Splash Plumbing.

To mobilize a crew of Technicians within Orange County, we charge $89, and that comes with 15 minutes of diagnosis time built in (usually all we will need!). Any costs on top of the mobilization fee will always get approved by the customer before proceeding. Our fully stocked trucks usually have all of the equipment and materials needed to complete the job, and we never charge for time spent securing materials that are not already stocked!

No, Splash Plumbing does not charge for overtime work. Because we do not charge by the hour, there is no overtime. Fixing a leak at 2:00 AM will cost the same as fixing the same leak would at 2:00 PM.

This policy is another great benefit you as the consumer have by hiring Splash Plumbing. No Overtime Charges!!

Not for the work listed on the quote.

Sometimes we will run into unusual situations after we start the job that may require additional work. We will always stop, inform you of the situation and complete another quote for any price changes. We will always present them to you for approval.

For emergency calls, we have a response time of 60 minutes or less. In some cases, we can be onsite within 20 minutes! (We cannot be held responsible for traffic, weather, or other unforeseen items)

For service calls that are scheduled during normal business hours, we try and provide all of our clients with a 3-hour “window of time” for us to arrive. This allows you the consumer time to make any necessary arrangements and allows our technicians plenty of time to complete any unexpected repairs on their previous calls.

Our office staff is in constant communication with our technicians to help expedite them to your home or office ASAP!

Yes. Splash Plumbing is a licensed plumbing contractor (C-36) in the state of California. Our license number is 877273. Please feel free to go to the Contractor’s State License Board (CSLB) website to check us out at

Remember, if an unlicensed contractor completes work on your home, and anything goes wrong, you may have a problem with your insurance company paying for any related damages! (And he doesn’t have any!)

Yes. Splash Plumbing carries General Liability insurance, Workman’s Compensation insurance, and insurance on all our vehicles.

For all of our Property Management clients, we can provide all necessary waiver of subrogation endorsements as well as the “added insured” endorsement your firm may require.

We have priority access to our supply houses in emergencies. If we don’t have it, and it is not available at the local home improvement warehouse, we can contact a local supply house and gain access to the required material.

This assumes it is not a specialty order item, and there is a nominal charge for this exclusive service.

Splash Plumbing only has employees. All our employees must be drug-free and must pass a stringent criminal background check as well. Each individual hired by Splash Plumbing is a qualified person to properly represent our company. We DO NOT subcontract work or operate as a “broker”.

Splash Plumbing accepts personal checks, Visa, Mastercard, and cash.

For approved clients, we also offer Net 30 billing, as an additional service: OAC.