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It’s time to ditch your old Orange plumber and instead say hello to our Splash Plumbing team in Orange, California. Our plumbers offer reliable repairs, honest and up-front pricing, and a customer service experience you never thought you’d find in a plumber. We only staff our team with with responsible, professional servicemen and women who are licensed, certified, and always ready to acquire new skills.


  • Unintrusive repairs
  • Fast, affordable plumbing service
  • Honest and reliable technicians
  • 24/7 emergency plumbing repairs
  • Live phone operators

For a plumber that has your best interests in mind at all times, call our Orange plumbing team today.

Orange Plumbing Service repair of Water heater

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We don’t just offer plumbing repairs in Orange – we also serve the entire Orange County area. Whether you live in Anaheim, Santa Ana, Tustin, Westminster, Fullerton, or Yorba Linda, our Orange plumbing team can come to your aid. The next time you are in need of emergency plumbing repairs, call Splash Plumbing first.

Clogged pipe repair in Orange, CA

5 Tips for Keeping a Healthy Garbage Disposal

  1. Keep it clean. Make sure to clean out your garbage disposal regularly. You can do this by running soap and water through it, or putting some lemon wedges in for a fresh scent.
  2. Run it regularly. Every time you flush food waste down your drain, run your disposal.
  3. Use cold water. Cold water is better than hot water, which can wear out your disposal’s rubber parts and cause them to crack.
  4. Don’t flush starchy foods. Starchy foods are just asking for a drain clog or jammed disposal blade. Avoid flushing corn husks, potatoes, and other starchy foods down the disposal.
  5. Don’t flush grease and fats. Grease and fats leftover from cooking should NEVER be flushed down your kitchen drain. Instead, put these liquids into a separate container and, when solidified, throw them out in the regular garbage.
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