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Top 5 ADA Compliant Showerheads

As an owner or manager of a commercial building, it’s important to ensure that your bathrooms are ADA compliant. But ADA compliance isn’t just for businesses – it applies to homeowners, too. If you’re looking for a showerhead or other bathroom fixture that is an ADA compliant showerhead, it’s important to do your research before going out to make a purchase. As specialists in ADA compliance upgrades, we have a few opinions about the best products out on the market. Want to know what we think? Check out our top 5 ADA compliant showerheads below.

1. Kohler Radiate 5-Spray Showerhead

The 5-spray feature on this showerhead makes it a first choice among many. You can adjust the spray to pulse or combo sprays in order to achieve the feel you’re looking for. The spray control is easily maneuvered with just a single finger.

2. Symmons 1-Spray Showerhead

This WaterSense certified showerhead is not only ADA compliant, but it also cuts down on overall water usage. Easy to install and long-lasting, we recommend this as a quick fix for anyone.

3. MOEN Fina 1-Spray Rainshower Showerhead

If luxury is what you’re after, then the Moen rainshower showerhead just might be for you. Turn your showers into the ultimate spot for relaxation and stress relief.

4. American Standard Institutional 1-Spray Showerhead

This wall-mounted showerhead offers no fuss and no hassle, since you won’t have to adjust it to find the perfect angle. Just enjoy a steady flow of water and a showerhead that will last for years.

5. Delta Porter 3-Spray Shower Faucet

This ADA compliant Showerhead and faucet combo is a great purchase for anyone looking to make their bathroom ADA compliant. The 3-spray functionality offers customization for ultimate comfort, and the faucet uses a monitor valve that prevents rapid temperatures changes and scalding.

It’s definitely a good idea to check out what options are available to you before making any hasty purchases. If you need help installing ADA compliant shower heads in your building, call your local commercial plumber for more information today.

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